Truck Loader

Truck Loader – 

  • Truck Loading Belt Conveyors were built to withstand the rugged conditions of any job site. It can be used for transport bulk material or bags. It can be horizontal-inclined-horizontal, according to different transport requirements, the transport system can be single belt conveyor or consist of several conveyors or be combined with other conveying equipment, in addition, it can be installed horizontally.
  • Features
  1. Light weight, one operator can move it easily.
  2. Lifting height can be adjust according to your need.
  3. Belt conveyor system provides gentle handling and higher capacity than the same size screw conveyor.
  4. With wheels and can be moved to anywhere to save equipment number.
  5. Easier for bags or bulk material stacking in warehouse to save your labor cost.
  6. Adopt chevron pattern conveyor belt to increase the maximum conveyor angle.
  7. The conveyor length can be customized according to your requirement.

Stacker Conveyor

Used to load & Unload the vehicle.

Truck Loading BC + Flexible Roller Conveyor

As the Telescopic Belt Conveyor costs too high hence we have modified the Stacker Conveyor in combination with Flexible Roller Conveyor in such a way to replace the TBC.

Where House Conveyor

This is specially designed for handling the bags. We can achieve the max discharge height of 10 mtr.